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Equipment classes and
Private Equipment classes.


With Functional based movement and traditional pilates at its core, equipment classes are based around traditional pieces of Pilates studio apparatus. Our studio Equipment sessions use the Reformer, Springboard, Cadillac, Wunda chair and other small props.


The studio equipment allows the instructor to tailor traditional exercises and sequencing to accomodate and accelerate each clients needs and goals.


Pilates Equipment uses spring based resistance and are able to be adjusted to continue progressions for each clients program. Studio equipment has the ability to isolate and challenge functional patterning and can enhance the experience of traditional mat based exercises whilst also exploring the repertoire specifically designed with the spring resistance in mind.


Each equipment based class is 60 mins in length and designed to accomodate 4 clients at a time. The use of  mat based repertoire and small apparatus is also included within the hour.


Each client will be led through individualised Pilates programs that enable exercise choices to encompass and accomodate each clients functional and lifestyle demands. The experienced instructor is there to guide you through all your exercises and movements ensuring your engaging the correct muscles and executing the repertoire correctly.


With focus on alignment, flexibility and strength with core at the heart of each class, equipment based classes are great for all types of clients and can be run as private sessions for a more tailored and technical based experience.

"A multidisciplinary approach to movement means we are able to prescribe and then apply the best method for each client". 

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